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19 Apr 2022

Sprinkler Installation, Denver CO

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Sprinkler Installation in the South Denver, CO area.

Sprinkler Master is known for our high quality sprinkler repair and installation services. Over years and years of irrigation sprinkler system experience, we are confident that we are able to provide the best quality sprinkler repair for the best price. That means we are the best, most experienced, and most reliable sprinkler company out there. We are licensed and insured, have years under our belt, and can help you have the beautiful green lawn all the way through the summer.


How much does sprinkler installation cost?

Giving a broad estimate for sprinkler installations is extremely difficult. Cost of installation varies wildly for a lot of different reasons. The cost of a sprinkler installation in the South Denver area depends on the size of your lawn, and whether or not you want extras such as drip lines for your garden, and moisture sensors to help prevent overwatering.


What is included in a sprinkler system installed by Sprinkler Master?

Sprinkler system installations are custom designed for each lawn we do. As we communicate with you, we can change the design to include what you want. Our usual installations include: Enough zones to reasonable cover your lawn, coverage of garden with drip lines or garden sprinklers, a smart sprinkler timer, and valve boxes conveniently located. We can add or remove certain features based on your preferences.


Professional Tools

We aim to maximize efficiency. When we come to do a sprinkler installation in your yard, we bring all the tools necessary for the job. We will bring trenchers, the proper shovels, high-end sprinkler heads that aren't available at the box stores, and anything else we need. Our sprinkler installations are done to look and perform like they were installed by professionals, not a DIY project.


Other Sprinkler Services

Sprinkler Master does way more than just sprinkler installations. We are a full-service sprinkler company. No matter what problems you have with your sprinkler system, we can fix it. Even if you're not sure what the problem is, give us a call at (720) 577-5542!


Want to learn how to save water this year while still keeping your lawn green? Visit THIS PAGE to learn more!

14 Apr 2022

Save Water in Your Lawn

How to Save Water in Your Yard

Water conservation is a recurring theme every year. Whether your reasons for wanting to save water are financial, environmental, or personal, there are always effective and efficient ways to accomplish your goal of trying to save water in your yard. In this article we're going to cover ways to be more water-conscious in your home, reducing your water usage, and even your water bill.

Some ways you can save water in your yard are:

#1 Sprinkler System Repair

#2 Install a Sprinkler Sytem

#3 Proper Landscaping

#4 Proper Sprinkler Timer Programming

#5 Install Efficient Sprinkler Heads


Sprinkler System Repair

We at Sprinkler Master have seen it time and time again. Water waste when there's a leak in your system can go through the roof. Oftentimes, people can attribute high water use with just their sprinkler system running. In reality, a house's sprinkler leaks can account for 10,000 gallons of water wasted every year1. The EPA did a study that says a sprinkler repair could even save 25,000 gallons of water!2 If your sprinkler system has a pipe leak or a sprinkler head that's leaking, getting it repaired by professionals like Sprinkler Master can drastically reduce your water meter reading. Call us today at ‪(720) 577-5542 if you suspect a leak in your sprinkler system.

Installing a Sprinkler System

We might be biased on this one, but we love installing new sprinkler systems as a way to save water usage. With all the new technology that you can get in a sprinkler system, they can be amazingly efficient when it comes to reducing your water bill every month. One person we installed a sprinkler system for told us that his water bill went from over $200 when he was watering by hand to about $70 in Northern Utah. While your results may vary, it can be much, much more efficient to have a computer manage the watering of your lawn with precision. Pair a sprinkler system with a smart timer, and the timer can even do rain delays, give you suggestions and warnings based on what it's seeing in the system, and be activated and deactivated by you from anywhere in the world. On top of that, if you add a moisture sensor, then your system will only water the exact amount it needs in order to keep your lawn watered just enough.


Proper Landscaping

Believe it or not, landscaping can have a massive effect on water usage. While some cities have recommended you remove grass in order to help with drought, Colorado State University published a study recommending people keep their lawns, but landscape effectively. This partly means selecting plants that will work well in your area. If you have plants that are accustomed to your temperatures and rainfall, they're less likely to need constant watering. Reduce water usage by simply getting plants that require less watering. The study also recommends avoiding over-irrigating your lawn. This means you need to understand how much to water your lawn. A new smart timer installed by Sprinkler Master in Denver, CO will help you automate this process and ensure you don't ever over-water your lawn.

When possible, it's also a good idea to design and grade your yard to reduce runoff. This is usually only feasible during early construction, however.

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Proper Sprinkler System Programming

As we've covered in this article, there are a lot of factors that can drastically affect how efficient your sprinkler system is. But the option that requires the least manual work is sprinkler system programming. There have been many studies[3][4][5] done on what the best way to water is, but the general priciples are simple.

  1. Only water when the sun is down. This helps the water soak deep into the soil without evaporating too quickly. It also helps the grass to soak up water and prepare for the sun later in the day.
  2. Set up a rain delay. Watering when it's raining doesn't help your grass much at all. Let the rain do the work for you, and keep your water usage down.
  3. Don't water every day. Not watering every day actually promotes stronger grass root growth, and can help the plant to be generally stronger than if you just water every day.
  4. Install a smart timer. Smart timers help drastically reduce overwatering. There isn't any guesswork about how long you need to water, it's all done with calculations by your smart timer when you have a moisture sensor.

Installing Water-Efficient Sprinkler Heads (and Drip Lines)

Sprinkler heads are a relatively cheap component of your sprinkler system, and most types of sprinkler head have water-efficient versions. Multi-stream pop-up sprinklers, for example, have been proven to save quite a bit of water while still keeping a lawn looking green. Adjusting the nozzle and line pressure in zones with rotor and impact sprinklers can help reduce wasted water as well. If water is misting out of your sprinkler heads, then the pressure in the lines is too high and needs to be reduced[6]. Ensure your sprinklers don't rotate into the sidewalks as well, as that is just water wasted.

When you're installing or even just adjusting your sprinkler systems, take your time to adjust everything properly. It can really make the difference in water usage, as well as your lawn looking good. Ensure a small amount of overlap between sprinklers, properly adjusted nozzles, and good timer practices to avoid dry spots.

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11 Apr 2022

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Sprinkler Services in the southern Denver, CO Area


Sprinkler Master has years of experience with servicing sprinkler systems just like yours. We can help you maintain your sprinkler system, keeping it in perfect working order. If you're looking for a good company to do sprinkler blowout in denver, or a sprinkler head repair, we're here for you.

If you're looking forward to keeping your lawn green and lush throughout the entire watering year, but don't have the time to install, repair, and even blow out your system at the end of the year, don't worry! We're here for you. The Masters at Sprinkler Master in the Southern Denver area have experience with all things sprinklers. We can help you save time, money, and even water when you get your sprinkler systems installed, upgraded, and maintained by Sprinkler Master



How Much Does it Cost to Have your Sprinklers Repaired?

There's no really simple answer to this question, as it depends on what the problem is. We charge a flat service fee of $35, plus time and parts. The reality is that most jobs are quick and relatively cheap for both us as well as you. If you're concerned about us taking longer than is needed, be assured that our first priority is to keep you happy, and it is also in our best interest to complete jobs quickly and effectively, so we can finish more jobs in a day.

How Much Does it Cost to Have your Sprinklers Blown Out?

Sprinkler blowouts start at $60 for up to 6 zones, and go up from there.

How Much Does it Cost to Have a Sprinkler System Installed?

Sprinkler Installations in South Denver can vary massively based on scope, size, and materials. We give custom quotes when we meet with you. Please give us a call at ‪(720) 577-5542 to get a quote from Sprinkler Master as soon as possible!


We're proud of all the work we do. We pride ourselves on extremely high quality work for a very fair price. The speed, quality, and value of our repairs, installations, and blowouts have gotten us through a decade of business doing sprinkler repairs across multiple states. Get your sprinklers service today by Sprinker Master in the south Denver area today!

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