Identifying and Fixing Broken Sprinkler Heads

Maintaining a healthy lawn in South Denver, Colorado, often depends on a functioning sprinkler system. Key signs of a broken sprinkler head include visible damage, uneven water distribution, and poor rotation. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning and adjusting heads, can prevent issues, but professional help may be needed for complex repairs.

How to Prevent Yellow Spots in Your Lawn

Struggling with yellow spots on your lawn in South Denver, Colorado? Discover key strategies to maintain a healthy, green lawn. Learn about the importance of regular sprinkler system check-ups, optimal watering practices, and soil health. Plus, find out when to seek professional sprinkler repair services to ensure your lawn stays vibrant and spot-free

What is a common wire?

Common wires for sprinker systems Sprinkler Master, (720) 375-6197   Click here to call Sprinkler Master!   To help understand what a common wire is, we first need to know what components exist in a sprinkler system. Electrically, sprinkler systems have 4 parts: a sprinkler timer (that controls when the sprinklers should turn on), a valve solenoid (that recieves signal from the timer), and 2 wires; a signal wire, and a common wire. Purposes of the two wires You can think of the signal wire as the deliverer of the signal from the timer. The electrical signal from the timer is sent through the signal wire to the valve, which then uses that signal to turn itself open and allow a sprinkler zone to turn on. The common signal is used to return the signal to the timer. A good way of thinking of this signal is to remember it needs a loop. It goes to the valve, and then needs a separate way home. The electricity in the signal has to be returned to the timer in order to work properly. So the common wire is a one-way street that leads back to the timer. Why is there only one common wire at the timer? The wires all basically are going to an “address.” Since there are multiple valves (one for each zone), there are multiple wires. Any time a signal needs to go to a specific zone, there needs to be a wire to that zone. Conversly, there is usually only 1 sprinkler timer, so only 1 path needs to go to the timer. As this goes in one direction from the valve solenoid to the timer, you can simply use 1 wire to tie all the valves to the single timer. If there are 2 timers or more on your sprinkler system, you will need a common wire to go to each timer. The wires should make a loop. If a valve is tied to one timer, then a “common” wire should tie back to that same timer. Still want help? If you need to have a common wire replaced or installed, call Sprinkler Master at (720) 375-6197 to get help from the masters at sprinkler repair. We’re licensed and insured, and know our way around sprinkler systems, so we can get yours up and running in no time!

How to fix valves

Sprinkler Master (720) 375-6197 When valves go wrong, it can be overwhelming to try to find and fix the problem. They can seem so complicated at first, but when you know what you’re doing, you can navigate the troubleshooting, repairing, and re-installing of valve components to get a fully functioning valve. Valves are pretty complicated, and actually need a lot of care, and a lot of precision when doing repairs. The diaphragm specifically can tear really easily, so while you can attempt repairs for yourself, it can be difficult. If you’re not sure if you can do it yourself, don’t hesitate to CALL Sprinkler Master here in South Denver to come help you out. If you’re confident in your abilities in doing repairs, and don’t mind doing it at your own risk, you can read our full length article linked below. In short, you need to check the solenoids, bleeder valves, flow control valves (if they’re present on your valve), and in some cases, you need to even disassemble your valve and clean it out. To learn more, click the link below!   LINK TO FULL ARTICLE ON FIXING VALVES (free) Or, Call the experts at (720) 375-6197

Affordable Sprinkler Repair

Sprinkler Master (720) 375-6197 Affordable sprinkler repair around Parker, CO     Affordable sprinkler repairs in Jefferson County, CO When we at Sprinkler Master say we can do affordable sprinkler repairs, what do we mean? The reality is, every job is different. Different jobs require different parts, different amounts of time, and even different numbers of technicians. What does that mean? Unfortunately, it means it’s difficult to give a blanket statement, such as “Repairs cost X amount.” However, we can tell you this: We charge for time and parts. So you can rest assured that we charge only what we need for the job we do for you. So, in short, it’s hard to give an exact number, but don’t let that deter you. We’re still confident we can offer you the best prices and the best repairs, so don’t hesitate to call us at (720) 375-6197 to get an estimate! You tell us what the job is, we base an estimate off history of similar jobs! We’re more than happy to try to work with you to get your sprinklers repaired the way they need to be! Click Here to Call Sprinkler Master

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