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Sprinkler Services in the southern Denver, CO Area


Sprinkler Master has years of experience with servicing sprinkler systems just like yours. We can help you maintain your sprinkler system, keeping it in perfect working order. If you're looking for a good company to do sprinkler blowout in denver, or a sprinkler head repair, we're here for you.

If you're looking forward to keeping your lawn green and lush throughout the entire watering year, but don't have the time to install, repair, and even blow out your system at the end of the year, don't worry! We're here for you. The Masters at Sprinkler Master in the Southern Denver area have experience with all things sprinklers. We can help you save time, money, and even water when you get your sprinkler systems installed, upgraded, and maintained by Sprinkler Master



How Much Does it Cost to Have your Sprinklers Repaired?

There's no really simple answer to this question, as it depends on what the problem is. We charge a flat service fee of $35, plus time and parts. The reality is that most jobs are quick and relatively cheap for both us as well as you. If you're concerned about us taking longer than is needed, be assured that our first priority is to keep you happy, and it is also in our best interest to complete jobs quickly and effectively, so we can finish more jobs in a day.

How Much Does it Cost to Have your Sprinklers Blown Out?

Sprinkler blowouts start at $60 for up to 6 zones, and go up from there.

How Much Does it Cost to Have a Sprinkler System Installed?

Sprinkler Installations in South Denver can vary massively based on scope, size, and materials. We give custom quotes when we meet with you. Please give us a call at ‪(720) 375-6197 to get a quote from Sprinkler Master as soon as possible!


We're proud of all the work we do. We pride ourselves on extremely high quality work for a very fair price. The speed, quality, and value of our repairs, installations, and blowouts have gotten us through a decade of business doing sprinkler repairs across multiple states. Get your sprinklers service today by Sprinker Master in the south Denver area today!

Sprinkler Master Repair - We install the best and repair the rest!


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