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Sprinkler Master Repair Wheat Ridge, CO

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Sprinkler Repair Jefferson Wheat Ridge: 

When a sprinkler head breaks, it can take days to get a qualified repairman to come out and fix it. This leaves the dry spots in your lawn just getting dryer and dryer, and browner and browner. Sprinkler Master Repair can be the reliability you need in your life for your sprinklers. We do fast sprinkler repairs, at the best value for you, the customer. We won’t let your sprinklers go days and days without getting a repair. We’ll get to your lawn and to your sprinkler as fast as we can, and keep your lawn looking green and feeling soft.

We specialize in fixing broken sprinkler heads, moving or replacing damaged sprinkler lines, replacing sprinkler valves, fixing sprinkler timers, and so much more! 

Don’t let your lawn or garden suffer because of a broken sprinkler issue. 

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Exceptional Services We Offer

Our main goal is making the services we offer exceptional. To do so, we hire only the best, most professional technicians, and focus our services on three main areas: sprinkler repair, sprinkler winterization, and sprinkler installation. Due to our focused attention in these areas, we excel at each of these services, leaving our customers satisfied with a beautiful lawn.


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