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Sprinkler repairs are a necessity when it comes to your sprinkler system and keeping dry spots out of your lawn. But sometimes you don't have the time, or even just don't want to do it!

When you call Sprinkler Master in Lakeside at (720) 577-5542, you get the best in the industry. We can help you turn your yard into a dream come true. Get all the features you want. Get sprinklers in your garden boxes, drip lines to your flower beds, and a smart timer to control your sprinkler system from your phone, even when you're on vacation!

When it comes to sprinklers, no one does it better than Sprinkler Master! Call Us today to get your sprinklers taken care of by the best!


Sprinkler Installations

Sprinkler repairs aren't all that we do, at Sprinkler Master, we pride ourselves on our new sprinkler system installations!


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When you're looking for a new sprinkler system, we can help you get exactly what you need. We design sprinkler systems specifically for what you want and what you need for your lawn. We can add any feature that you want, from flower garden sprinklers to drip lines in your flower beds. From corner to corner, you'll have the sprinkler system that you want!

Call Sprinkler Master at (720) 577-5542 today to get your new sprinkler system installed by the experts!

"What a great company! Alex was quick to respond, and as busy as they are, made time for our emergency. Was extremely professional, honest, and kind! Very knowledgeable! Highly recommend!"

- Krista Sweat