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Sprinkler Repair

Sprinkler system not working? Need some kind of repair, but you’re not sure what? We can help! Our well-trained, professional technicians can determine and solve any sprinkler issue. Call us today, and we’ll get someone sent out to help you!

  •    Replace nozzles- Nozzles not working well? Call us to replace them!
  •    Replace sprinkler heads- Sprinkler heads old or broken? We can help!
  •    Add lawn sprinkler heads- Expanding? Need more sprinklers added to your yard? Sprinkler Master can help!
  •    Replace solenoid valves- Solenoid’s can get worn out, and need replacing. If you’re having issues with sprinklers spraying correctly, you may need a new solenoid. Contact us today!
  •    Replace a control timer- Today’s controllers have all kinds of new, helpful technology that increase water and system efficiency. Have us replace yours today and save yourself time, water, and money!
  •    Repair a broken line- Broken lines can cause severe damage to your lawn. Don’t wait to get it repaired. Call us today!
  •    Reset sprinkler heads- Every once and in a while, sprinklers need to be reset in order for them to operate at their full capacity. Don’t waste your precious time resetting them. Let us do it for you!
  •    Raise sprinkler heads in flower beds or behind shrubs- Need sprinkler heads raised in flower beds or behind your shrubs? Sprinkler Master can do that!
  •    Install a rain or moisture sensor- Want your sprinkler system to turn off automatically when it’s raining so you can save water? Have us install a rain or moisture sensor on your system today!
  •    Install sprinkler valve box- If you want easy access to your sprinkler system valves, call us to install a sprinkler valve box in your yard.
  •    Fix lawn dry spots- Have dry spots in your lawn? Contact Sprinkler Master, and we can find and fix the issue in no time! There is no sprinkler issue we can’t solve.
  •   We service the following zip codes: 80215, 80123, 80227, 80232, 80401, 80214, 80226, 80228, 80235, and 80465.
  •   Cities we service include: Lakewood, Arvada, Westminster, Wheat Ridge, Edgewater, Golden, Littleton, and more.

Traditionally, we try to set our appointments in 2 hours blocks for sprinkler repair, so we have enough time to find the problem, then fix it effectively. Once we arrive, we’ll talk with you and find out what needs to be done on your sprinklers system. After the technician completes the repair work, they’ll go over what they did and give any suggestions they have to help your lawn sprinkler system be more effective. Then, we’ll go over the bill with you and email you a copy. A hard copy may be requested. For payment, you can pay online at a secure site by clicking the link in the email, or pay the technician on the spot. That’s all there is to it! We strive to leave your yard better than when we came.

Drainage Sprinkler Master

Key Benefits of the Service

Watering your lawn and is the key to preserving its lushness and beauty. The experts carefully design your sprinkler system to ensure maximum coverage to your lawn. Whether you are looking for a brand new irrigation system to maintain your lawn.


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